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Working as a virtual paraplanner puts you in charge of your own schedule, earnings, and career path. Get the systems and support you need to better create, run, and scale your paraplanning business while enjoying increased freedom and flexibility.

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Build a business that puts you in control of your own work, schedule, and income with the tools and resources provided to you.


Quickly learn what works and what doesn’t through tutorials and shared insights from peers, without having to figure it out by trial and error on your own.


Create the career you want in the financial planning industry, on your terms, when you use tried and true methods for growing and getting jobs and clients.


Be part of a community of your peers and fellow paraplanners, who can help you learn, share workflows and processes, and swap tips for growth and success.

Create the Work You Want

You’re passionate about financial planning -- but it’s not always easy to find a firm that’s a perfect fit for your career goals. Full-time positions with RIAs often come with strict, rigorous rules and norms. You might feel static and limited when the industry traditionally says there’s only one way to one type of success.

We want to change that. We provide skilled, talented people like you with the education, structure, and support you need as a virtual paraplanner. You can add much-needed value to financial planning firms while also running your own businesses that enables you to enjoy far more freedom and choice than the traditional office role.

Simply Paraplanner exists to put you on the path to success -- whatever success means to you.

What's Included With Your Portal Membership?

  •  Downloadable templates and worksheets including a contract/NDA specifically for virtual paraplanners
  •  New self-paced courses each month
  •  Live AUA sessions each month
  •  Active community and forums
  •  Educational license to MGP and eMoney


Going It Alone Means Spending More Time, Money and Energy

Without a community of fellow paraplanners who have been there, done that, you’re on your own to figure things out -- and that means risking wasting time and money kicking around ideas that don’t work.

Don’t hold yourself back. Simply Paraplanner can accelerate your journey from “just starting” to “successful business owner” We’ll teach you what you need to know to not only launch and manage your virtual paraplanning career, but grow and get the jobs you want, too.

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What does a virtual paraplanner do?

A virtual paraplanner provides outsourced support to financial planning firms. The title can encompass a wide variety of roles, including Client Service Associate, Paraplanner, or Associate Planner. Some firms even leverage talented paraplanners as Lead Planner. Paraplanners can be responsible for both back-office tasks or serve in client-facing roles. 

Why should I consider virtual paraplanning?

Virtual paraplanning is ideal for anyone who wants more options beyond the traditional career track offered to most financial planners. Virtual paraplanners work virtually, and enjoy much more freedom and control because they choose their own clients, work their own hours, and set their own rules.

They also control their own environments -- literally. You can work from the comfort of your home or from a beach in Argentina. (Yes, we’ve seen virtual paraplanners make this happen!)
Virtual paraplanning gives you more options, like pursuing your CFP and financial planning career on a part-time basis. You could work as little as 5 hours per week or as much as a full-time workload depending on your needs and preferences. It’s a flexible career choice that fits within your life -- instead of forcing you to fit your life into your career.

How do virtual paraplanners get paid (and how much do virtual paraplanners get paid?)

A virtual paraplanner is typically paid on an hourly basis anywhere from $25 per hour to $75 per hour based on experience.

In terms of compensation structure, virtual paraplanners are typically 1099 contractors hired on an hourly basis.  

What if I’m changing careers or considering a role as a stay at home parent?

Again, running a virtual paraplanning business is ideal for people seeking flexibility and who want to prioritize their real life over their office job. This type of career is suited for entry level individuals, career changers, parents of small kids, military spouses, and so on. If you want more control over your work life, this is one career tack worth exploring. 

What support do you offer virtual paraplanners?

Simply Paraplanner provides you with exact, step-by-step guides on launching a virtual paraplanning business. These guides are based on case studies and real-world experience to provide you with well-rounded, tested advice on what works and what doesn’t.

You also get a number of resources to help you get started, grow, and succeed. Those resources include courses, live webinars, downloadable templates and guides, and an active forum where you will receive personalized feedback on your situation. You will also have access to other new and successful virtual paraplanners through the community.

How does this community help me create my own career or business?

The community at Simply Paraplanner helps in a number of ways. One of the most important is the fact that you gain access to an entire group of people who have already done the trial and error for you. Your peers can provide you with tips, suggestions, tricks, and advice they’ve learned from experience, so you don’t have to waste time testing things out or backtracking from the wrong path. 

What can I expect after joining the community?

You can expect to connect with other people like you! People who don’t fit in with the traditional world of financial planning. You can also expect to find resources that will jump start your career as a paraplanner and also tools to maintain your business. 

Will you help me find virtual paraplanning jobs and clients?

Simply Paraplanner equips you with the necessary skill set and knowledge to help you stand out to financial planning firms looking to make hires. When it comes to helping you find and land new gigs and jobs, we’ll help you understand the dos and don’ts of job seeking and applications, what to look for in a job listing, how to write a killer resume, the best way to leverage LinkedIn, and more.